Introducing our new editing services and lead editor!

We have some exciting news!  We are very happy to announce the addition of Deborah Goodman to our team!  She will be taking on the role of lead editor and proofreading specialist for us. 

This is great news for those of you needing your resumes, articles, and other documents corrected and improved upon with fluent English. More information can be found on the editing services page or you can simply contact us to learn more.

Deborah’s professional experience includes over 10 years working as an expert editor for EditMyEnglish, improving thousands of papers, articles, essays, theses, dissertations, resumes, and more.

She has also been a site contributor and writer for, as well as written numerous articles for local newspapers, community organizations, and social media platforms.

In addition, Deborah also enjoys creating fiction and has been writing her own material for over 13 years. She also loves reading and is a voracious learner of new things.

Deborah's passion is helping her clients write powerful papers. She is happy to be working with TEFLNoah and is looking forward to editing your work!